We’re Drive Virtual Driving Academy Ltd

Irelands First Card Simulation Training Company

We have designed a safe, carbon neutral, learning environment to enable drivers to get the skill set and experience to progress to driving a car.

We can cater from complete novice drivers, to those that are nervous and rigtht up to those advanced drivers that wish to hone their driving skills.

Using the latest technology in driving simulation vehicles we can create numerous driving situations such as driving in darkness, driving in rain or snow, driving in the country side or city.

Let us help you get started on your journey today.

We’re The Future of Safe & All-Inclusive Driver Training

Tired of taking the long and expensive road to a license? With our advanced simulator, you can train for driving at any time and in any situation.

At Virtual Driving Academy Ltd, we are the first company in Ireland to introduce car simulators to teach people of all ages to drive. The simulators are built by a company with 30 years of experience in the industry that has installed over 8,000 simulators worldwide.

Train Like a Pro

With our simulator-based driver training, you can become a professional driver in no time. You’ll have all the time to train at your own pace.

Practical & Effective Training

We at Virtual Driving Academy Ltd realize the importance of practical and effective driver’s training. Trainees can experience all kinds of situations at any time, from city traffic to country roads, from night driving to rain, fog or sleet.

Why Train with Virtual Driving Academy Ltd?

– A safe, cost-effective, and convenient way to learn driving

– Gain substantial experience in a short time

– Learn how to drive without the need for a car

– Gain valuable skills such as:

  • Handling an emergency
  • Handling high speeds and narrow roads
  • Swerving and skidding out of difficult situations
  • Driving in different weather conditions
  • Driving in different environments such as urban and rural areas